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Voice-Over & Narration Done with the Utmost Care
 Quickly, Simply, Painlessly 

Teach & Reach your Learner/Listener:
"I love to use my voice to help people, to connect, inform, advise, teach, and share the human experience with others." - Jill Goldman

Please contact Jill "GOLDIVOX" Goldman for North American female non-union voice-over & narration:    
Boston, MA

 I specialize in
Engaging VO for * eLearning * Industrial Narration *
 Explainer Videos * Commercials * On-Hold * Tutorials
Authoritative Narration for scripts involving
* Scientific * Medical * Managerial * Corporate * Musical * Artistic * terminology
Business Casual to Business Formal Corporate VO 
Energetic Passionate to Compassionate Mom for TV, Radio, & Internet Commercials / Testimonials

Clear, Sincere, Natural, Warm, Reassuring, Intelligent, Genuine, Friendly, Trustworthy, Earthy, Smooth, Business 
VO to connect with, educate, motivate, and inspire your listener


Happy to record and send audio files from my professionally equipped WhisperRoom home studio or from any Boston area studio.

Many projects can be turned around within 24-48 hours.

Please call or email for a free estimate and custom demo for your project.
Boston, MA
GOLDIVOX is a registered service mark 

Testimonials from Happy Clients:

"All the audio on first listen sounds great, thanks for the quick turn-around." - D. Webb

 "Jill's range is terrific. For unsupervised recording, her ability to do a variety of reads is ideal. And her willingness to provide variety and remain accessible makes her a joy to work with." - R. Arm

"Thank you so much for being so understanding and accommodating, I love your voice and what I love even more is how easy you are to work with, that makes all the difference! You've been an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you very much for accommodating our many tweaking requests" - S. Edelman

"I will definitely work with you again. Thank you for the awesome work. You have done an amazing job and the audio sounds great, definitely a high caliber product." - A. Mastalerz

 "The recordings are great! Quick turnaround & great quality." - E. Hars
   "WOW!! You have such a perfect blend of professionalism with the warmth and compassion we're looking for.  I love it.  This is PERFECT!  I just listened to your recording over and over, and I’m loving it, you do it so soo well!!" - S. Edelman
 "I really appreciate how quickly you were able to record the transcript, and it sounded great! I'm happy to endorse both your voice and your professionalism." - J. Nash

"Jill went over and above to satisfy and will be my go-to for any future voice work.” - A. Smith

"...the very best interviewer for my teleseminar...a voice of liquid gold!" - N. Manolson
    "Voiceovers sound great...all of the modules finished so quicklyGreat to work with... looking forward to our next endeavor together" - M. Dion
   "Exactly what I was looking for, it will definitely enhance the video. Did I mention that I like your attention to detail? Thanks for the quick turnaround. I love it when someone makes me look good to my client. Great job." - D. Weiss

 I highly recommend working with Jill Goldman for your voice over needs.  We needed a Voice Over Artist for our new hire orientation program, and  from the very beginning Jill maintained the highest level of customer service to ensure that our needs were met.  I contacted her in the morning and by the afternoon she was able to provide a custom demo of our script Jill stayed in touch with me along the way to see if she could assist me in any way so that we could get the project completed.  She was open to hearing my feedback about how to make the recording meet our needs.  She was also great at giving feedback about our script and ways that she could make it better for us, in terms of grammar and pronunciations.  Her turnaround time for the completed recording was great.  I really enjoyed working with Jill and will contact her in the future for our other training needs. - M. Spicer

“Needing to provide an American voice over for our instructional training videos it quickly became apparent that Jill was a good choice.  Jill took on board our specific voice over requirements to suit our target audience and adjusted her recording accordingly.  The process of recording the voice over was simple and painless.  The voice file was delivered just one day after recording with all editing complete.  I look forward to working with Jill again.” - J. Prentice

 And here's a rather unusual testimonial, after not being hired for a follow-up project:

"I appreciate your willingness to work with us - seems the committee ended up agreeing on going with  a young 20 year old voice, a pity because it certainly was not as pleasant and wonderful an experience I had with you last year... It was wonderful doing business with you as a real professional and an incredible talent - could not say the same this year in either regard, I'm almost regretting it already before the video is even done wondering if it would have been better if the voice was not age appropriate but at least smooth and beautiful.  Hmmm, let's hope we made the right decision here.  And you can be absolutely sure now that we'll be back any time we can use a really great voice - we've gained an even greater appreciation now, a year later...." - Anonymous (for obvious reasons)

I specialize in narration and voice-overs for eLearning, explainer videos, tutorials, corporate training, and TV/radio commercials. 
If you appreciate the best in customer service,
I'd like to work with you!
I bring your message to life with warmth and intelligence,
to teach and connect with your customer quickly and clearly
Professional & easy to work with, delivering "Golden" VO that is just right
You'd like to work with me! 
Contact info:
Jill Goldman
Phone: 781-258-4692
Mailing address: PO Box 80051 Stoneham, MA 02180